The Great Lakes Science Center always welcomes volunteers who want to help with GLSC programs.  For the next year, monthly focus topics are being planned:

* November – Waves and Motion
* December – Technology
* January – Architecture and Design
* February – Engineering
* March – Math
* April – Sports
* May – Weather and Water
* June – Robotics
* July – Space
* August – Machines
* September – Flight and Aeronautics

Also, The Great Lakes Science Center is home to an official NASA visitor center, one of only 11 official visitors centers in the entire country. Within its three galleries visitors will find plenty of information about NASA’s past, present, and future, including information about the important role that Cleveland’s own NASA Glenn Research Center played and continues to play in aeronautics and space exploration. This Visitor Center is filled with stunning images, scale models, videos, and historic artifacts – including actual mission hardware that flew in space and even part of a moon rock that was brought back from the lunar surface by American astronauts. 

We actively recruiting current and former NASA employees, contractors, and space enthusiasts to volunteer to help staff and interpret the various exhibits and space artifacts that make up this amazing collection. 

Our featured “Temporary” exhibit is BODY WORLDS Rx. This traveling exhibition offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the amazing biology and physiology of human health and the dramatic effects of disease. From organs to muscles to the nervous system and to skeletal structures, BODY WORLDS Rx gives unprecedented look inside the most sophisticated mechanism in the world, the human body. The specimens on display show impressive comparisons and contrasts between healthy bodies and organs and those stricken with disease. Particular emphasis is put on some of the most common ailments such as back pain, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis and heart infarctions, dementia, and more. 

We are actively recruiting volunteers (preferably doctors, nurses, dietitians, etc.) to help staff this exhibition gallery on Thursday evenings, and weekends.

People interested in volunteering should contact JonDarr Bradshaw, Community Engagement Coordinator, by email at bradshawj@glsc.org.