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2021 Edward W. Morley Award and Address, May 19

May 19, 2021 | 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


May 19, 2021
  • Exec committee meeting 5:30
  • Presentation 7:00 pm

David N Beratan

David N. Beratan, R.J. Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, Duke University is the 2021 Morley Medal winner.

Dr. Beratan is developing theoretical approaches to understand the function of complex molecular and macromolecular systems, including: the molecular underpinnings of energy harvesting and charge transport in biology; the mechanism of solar energy capture and conversion in man-made structures; the nature of charge conductivity in naturally occurring nucleic acids and in synthetic constructs, including the photochemical repair of damaged DNA in extremophiles; CH bond activation by copper oxygenase enzymes; the flow of charge in bacterial appendages on the micrometer length scale; the theoretical foundations for inverse molecular design – the property driven discovery of chemical structures with optimal properties; the exploitation of molecular diversity in the mapping of molecular and materials “space”; the use of infra-red excitation to manipulate electron transport through molecules; the optical signatures of molecular chirality and the influence of chirality on charge transport.

Title and abstract to be posted soon


May 19, 2021 Edward W. Morley Award Address

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