News from Indianapolis – ACS National Meeting

Council selected Dorothy J. Phillips and Florian J. Schattenmann as candidates for 2024 President-Elect. These two candidates, along with any candidates selected via petitions, will stand for election in the Fall 2023 National Election.

Committee on Committees announced that the opening of the online preference form to all ACS members begins on April 3 and will run through July 3. Anyone interested in serving on an ACS Committee in 2024 should go to to complete their preferences

The Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC) announced the launch of the ACS Speaker Directory, a new resource for our component group leaders to access a wide range of speakers for their in-person, hybrid, and asynchronous events.

The spring 2023 meeting was held in a hybrid manner from March 26-30. As of March 29, there were 12,623 registrations (10,792 in-person and 1,831 virtual).

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Kenney, Councilor for the Cleveland Local Section. ([email protected])