Summer Internship, Molded Fiber Glass Companies, undergraduate students (Apr 2022)

This opportunity would be a good fit for a chemistry major. The exact daily activities/summer projects are not yet set and depend on how many students we end up taking, their interests, and their skill levels. The following are just some examples:

-Aiding in the compounding of fiber reinforced plastic formulations.

-Learning and then aiding in daily instrumental analysis.

-Aiding in long term projects.

Daily travel to and from Ashtabula Ohio is required. Students of any age will be considered. This is a paid internship.

Let me know if you need some further information. Thank you.

Thomas Yarrington

Polymer Chemist

Molded Fiber Glass Companies – Research

1315 West 47th Street

Ashtabula, Ohio 44005-0675

Office – 440.994.5192