Get more involved! Opportunity, Elections 2021

Dear ACS Cleveland section members:

Have you been thinking about getting more involved with the ACS Cleveland section? Would you consider joining the executive committee? In November, we will have an election for the following officer positions:

*Chair elect /Chair / Past Chair (3 years total) This is the perfect position if you’d like to get leadership experience. As Chair elect, you will work collaboratively with the current Chair and Past-Chair. You have the opportunity to attend the ACS leadership training for a weekend and organize the ACS local meetings for one academic year. As Chair, your main task is to lead the section and preside the monthly meetings. As Past Chair, your main tasks are to write the annual report and to find nominations for the Executive committee.

Secretary (2 year term) The main tasks are to record the meeting minutes and to oversee the elections.

Councilor (3 year term) The councilors essentially act as liaison between the local and national levels.  To do this, the councilor should attend both National Meetings (travel expenses are reimbursed) where they attend the council meeting. They then report to the executive committee.

Director (3 year term). The main tasks for this director position is to prepare the budget and to oversee the Heller-Dabrowski award, which recognizes an outstanding Cleveland area high school chemistry teacher.

Trustee (3 year term) The trustees administer the Permanent Trust Fund.

All these officers are voting members of the executive committee.

If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please contact me by Oct. 1st at

Dr. Genevieve Sauvé
Past Chair and Isotopics editor of the ACS Cleveland Section
Professor of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University